Frequently Asked Questions

Was My Order Received? Rover gets the News OUT! When Dipidy receives an order, Rover makes sure that an Initial Order email is sent. Then Rover will send another email when the order has been processed. Rover is so efficient, he will send another email when your order has been completed and is on its way. Whew! For Up To Date News about our canine friends and loved ones, visit Rover's Rovin' Reports or current Health News from Dr. BowWowers! How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order? DipidyDawg Gourmet Dog Treats are baked Fresh To Order. Please allow four days, Monday-Friday, to process, bake and dip your order. Then it's up to you to select your shipping method. The day an order is shipped is not counted as a shipping day by United Parcel Service. You may find our shipping methods and rates on our United Paw Service page. Also, please allow extra time during the Holiday Season. You may also want to add extra time when ordering for a special event such as your pets Birthday. Our Piece de Resistance - Party Cookie will last for several weeks so you are safe to order a little early. What Is The Average Shelf Life? Since there are NO preservatives, there is a shorter shelf life than commercial brands. Our dog treats are Freshly Baked and should be stored in a cool, dry place. Store them as you would store your own cookies. Shelf Life for our "Scrumptious Rewards"sweet dog treats, is approximately 8 weeks and for our "Salavatin' Savory" dog treats, approximately 4 weeks. However, we can promise they will not be around that long! You may freeze for up several months but we do not recommend that you refrigerate any of our dog treats. Do You Use Quality Ingredients? DipidyDawg All Natural Organic Gourmet Dog Bakery selects only the Finest and Highest Quality Ingredients with No Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors. Nor do we add salts, sugars or fillers that may be harmful to your pets. From Organic Flours to Organic Extracts, only the freshest, Human Grade not Pet Grade, ingredients are used to bake our fresh Organic Dog Treats. You can find the ingredients for each dog treat listed on its label and on each dog treats' details page. From Dog Bones to Party Cookies, these Dog Treats are Pawsitively Magnifique! We have made one exception. Our yogurt does contain trace amounts of Vanillin but is Human Grade Quality and the best that can be found in the market today. Currently there are no manufacturers producing it without Vanillin. Any bakery that claims to be All Natural and uses yogurt without disclosing this to you is not being entirely truthful about their product's ingredients. We have gone to great lengths to obtain and provide the absolute finest ingredients and value our own integrity immensely. We hope you find this information valuable when shopping for your four legged loved ones! Do You Have Gift Certificates? Yes we do, by Snail Mail or by EMail. You can choose where it's sent with a personalized message and they can choose what they want. What a great way to introduce a Friend or Relative to the DipidyDawg Family! Visit our Gift Certificates page today; come on, Give A Dog A Bone! Gift Certificates are in US Dollars in increments of $10.00. Once a gift certificate is purchased an email notification will be sent to you. Other Email Notifications A confirmation email will be sent for updated or declined orders. When a customer creates, modifies or deletes a User Profile a confirmation email will be sent. Also, when a Return Request is created, authorized or declined an email confirmation will be sent. How Can I Cancel or Return An Order? Please send an email to